Top 6 Best Breweries in Bend, Oregon for 2021

There’s a reason Bend is on every list of “best beer towns in the United States.” There are a lot of breweries in Bend.

At one point, Bend even had more breweries per capita than any other town in the country.  

Bend isn’t a secret anymore. But there are still plenty of classic breweries to explore – and new breweries to discover.

We lived in Prineville for five months and visited Bend breweries countless times. Here are the best breweries in Bend, Oregon for 2021 and beyond.

1) Crux Fermentation Project

If you want a beer with a view, then Crux has the best beer garden in Bend.

Set in an old industrial part of town (apparently it’s an old mechanic shop), Crux has a spectacular view of the mountains. Go during sunset for sundowner hour ($1 off pints) and enjoy the view.

Crux also has an extensive beer list and multiple food trucks in its beer garden. It’s dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and a great place to people watch. Crux is a must-visit to get a feel for Vibe’s brewery scene.

2) Sunriver Brewing

Sunriver has the best beer in Bend. Given the competition, that’s a big compliment. It’s like they use better water or something: every beer I had from Sunriver blew me away.

Apparently, most brewers in Bend (people who know way more about beer than I do) say the same thing: Sunriver is known for its good beer.

Sunriver has two locations: one near downtown Bend and another in the resort community of Sunriver. Go to either location for amazing beer and food.  

3) Bridge 99 Brewery

Bridge 99 Brewery is tucked away in the northeast corner of Bend. They have an amazing outdoor area with fire pits, benches, and a food truck. Go for trivia night and make some friends.

Bridge 99 also has a surprisingly long list of beers. Whatever you like, you should be able to find it.   

4) Monkless Belgian Ales

If you like Belgian beers, then you need to visit Monkless Belgian Ales.

Located above the Deschutes River, Monkless pairs Belgian tripels and dubbels with classic Belgian-style food. The brewery is designed to look like a monastery or abbey, and someone has put a lot of work into making it that way.

5) Boneyard Beer

Locals always seem to recommend Boneyard. They have two locations, including a brewpub and a brewery. Both are just off 97 and easy to reach.

If you want a local vibe and you like IPAs, then Boneyard has exactly what you’re looking for.

6) Bend Brewing Company

Bend Brewing Company has grown since I first visited Bend in 2015. The brewery has a great location on the edge of downtown. They serve fantastic food and have a full menu of beers to try. The first time I visited, we got a sampler with like 12 beers. That was an option.

Like Crux, Bend Brewing Company is a good sunset spot. You can watch the sun set over the Deschutes River. Watch paddleboarders floating by. If you’re in downtown Bend, then Bend Brewing Company is worth a stop.  

Honourable Mentions

Bend has over a dozen breweries, which is pretty good for a town of 100,000 people. I always try to feature independent, family-owned breweries instead of the ones owned by mega beer corporations. However, other breweries to consider visiting in Bend include:

Immersion Brewing: Located across the street from Monkless, Immersion has a boring location (by Bend standards) but good beer.

Silver Moon Brewing: Decent beer and a popular brewpub in a corner of downtown near the freeway.

Deschutes: Mega-brewery with multiple locations around Bend, named after the main river in Bend.

10 Barrel: Another mega-brewery with multiple locations around Bend, all of which have surprisingly good food.

Worthy Brewing Company: Another large brewery, Worthy has an extensive tap list and is the biggest brewery on the east side of town.

Spider City Brewing Company: Laidback brewery near the south end of town, friendly people and classic brewery patio with food truck.

Craft Kitchen & Brewery: The beer didn’t blow me away, but Craft had very good BBQ food. Friendly people here as well.

Wild Ride or Initiative Brewing (Redmond): If you’re heading up the road to Redmond, check out Wild Ride or Initiative Brewing, two popular breweries in the middle of town. Wild Ride has a great patio and food trucks. Initiative Brewing also has a patio with fires, trivia night, and a great menu (get the Korean Fries).

Bevel Brewing: Another brewery with a bunch of food trucks, Bevel is popular with locals. Samplers come on a frisbee.

Bend has some of the best breweries in the United States. As a boozebag, I got spoiled living in the Bend area.

A bad brewery in Bend doesn’t last long. You’re not going to find bad beer, bad people or, even bad food at any of the breweries in Bend listed above.  

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